Occupational safety

Occupational Safety is a priority for JSC "Trust KXM". Safety is our Company's philosophy. We work diligently to prevent accidents at site, taking the following measures:

  • Continuous Occupational Safety monitoring and management at site
  • Understanding by each employee that any work can and must be completed without any accidents.
  • Assessment of hazard levels of any work types
  • Direct participation in all Occupational Safety meetings
  • Heightened attention to Occupational Safety training of employees
  • Use our Customer's and other Contractors' Occupational Safety experience and knowledge
  • Conduct of audits
  • Safety incentives for our employees

Occupational Safety Plan and Environmental Protection Plan are to be obligatorily prepared when implementing any projects. These Plans are to be approved by the Customer and Environmental Inspection Authorities, are communicated to employees and then will be obligatory to follow at all facility construction stages.

Every three years, the Company undergoes voluntary certification of conformity to International Standard OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems.

Occupational Safety instructions and briefing meetings are conducted for new employees and prior to work, including unscheduled and purpose-oriented briefing meetings. All employees should be qualified and get a Permit To Work at each site. Moreover, all the sites and facilities are equipped with necessary devices, manuals, posters and other visual safety propaganda means.