Design institute

Design Institute LLC "KXM-Proekt", specializes in designing: transfer terminals for storing and transferring of oil products, oil, liquefied gases and liquid chemicals; tank farms for oil, oil products, chemical products, liquefied hydrocarbon gases; vertical steel tanks (metalwork drawings and detail metalwork drawings) for storing oil, oil products, chemicals having a capacity of 100 to 100,000 m3; industrial and domestic wastewater clarification systems; chemical substance depots; pump stations; railway and vehicular discharge/loading jetty for oil products, liquefied gases; and utility systems. Our Company can perform all work types concerning designing industrial facilities: oil terminals, fuel storage depots, oil-and-gas pipelines, filling stations, field facilities construction, modernization of petrochemical plants, heat power plants, designer supervision, industrial safety expert review, project management etc.

CJSC "OKOS" is a team of highly knowledgeable specialists which has implemented projects for erection and modernization of coke-oven batteries, hot and cold repair, recovery after long-term preservation, heating of coke oven batteries and putting them into operation, chemical coking products trapping plants and other coke and by-product process facilities. The package of engineering services provided by CJSC "OKOS" includes technical assistance in the course of construction, commissioning and setting-up of new coke-oven batteries, operation, modernization and repair of working coke-oven batteries and other coke and by-product process facilities.